Summer ends, and School begins!

August is here, and school will be starting soon. All the young parents will begin to re-enforce structured mealtimes, quality snacks, and early bedtimes. After-school activities will begin, and families will wonder, “Where did the summer go?”

The Mother Hen gives this advice… since this was passed to me when my kids were young, and I have reminded myself may times to live by these amazing words.

1.Your kids will always be nicer, kinder, and sweeter at school than they are at home. If they do find the need to misbehave wouldn’t you rather have this at home?

2.Hug your child every chance you get, it builds confidence. But don’t be surprised if you get a call from the school principal stating your child is hugging to many people in the hallways.

3.Your child will make mistakes, “but that is the way they learn.”

4.Lastly, ask your child everyday….”how can I help you today?” You will be surprised at what they ask you to help them with, AND they will learn to ask others the same question. Someday, a teacher may say to you, “Your child is so kind, and always willing to help other students.” Now that is what a parent wants to hear.

Enjoy every moment life has to offer you. Remember, life is a gift and we never know when our time on Earth is finished, so LIVE it to the fullest, and make a difference each day with each person you see!

Have a GREAT school year!