Purchasing with a BIGGER Purpose

Well the first 30 days of The Mother Hen are behind me. I can honestly say, it has been exactly what I anticipated it to be over these past 25 years, as I dreamed of opening the doors. It would have been only MY timing had this store opened earlier in my life and CERTAINLY, it is God’s timing that makes an idea a reality! I know God is at work within me, as these are his ways and his purpose...not mine.

I think the first realization of this was when not one, but many of the first Mother Hen customers continually stated what a unique, comfortable, and relaxing place it was to visit. Many people in anticipation of opening asked what it was I would be selling. I know it seems crazy, but I really believe I am not selling any one thing to any one people. But rather, in this crazy place called EARTH, where we have our hearts broken, filled with joy, feel loneliness from loss, fear, and anxiety over what may or may not be… sometimes all in one day...there is one place you can make a difference in the life of another human being. AT THE MOTHER HEN!

Because let’s face it, sometimes the greatest gift to ourselves is the feeling we receive when we give happiness to another.

The Mother Hen has been doing exactly this for the first 30 days. Many customers are loving the diversity of the Iowa Foods (similar to an all-state farmers market). We have provided joy to many through food products that are typically 100’s of miles away from their personal main street. Iowa flavors created by Iowa small business owners, and hitting the shelves at Cherokee, IOWA. In fact, I have had some personal recommendations, and it fills by heart to be able to provide Gluten free options, Bison, and other great flavors to our community, and beyond its doors.

Antiques have been a resource of strength for me and a personal love for many years. While raising my three boys, and supporting my loving husband, with each of their personal adventures…it is only fair to say I sometimes would disappear for the afternoon. I found great comfort in browsing Iowa antique stores, trying to find a rare oddity, a common household item needed by my family, and sometimes just a fun little gift for someone I cared about…ALL of them at very reasonable prices, and a PRICELESS memory of years gone by. I offer great variety, fair prices, and am always trying to find a customers’ own personal request. Remember, I only purchase my items from IOWA homes, garage sales, estate/tag sales, and auctions. Always supporting the local IOWAN!

The Mother Hen offers many more products, and services. These will be discussed in future blogs. However, I want to remind all of you of this month’s quote at The Mother Hen:


All purchases at The Mother Hen, no matter how big or small, gives 10% to someone local each month. This past month we gave over $1,000 to Relay for Life…we all know someone who is fighting Cancer, or lost their personal battle to Cancer…and you made a difference this month!

June will be a great month to support our local children through Cherokee Swim Team. This is an organization that promotes positive encouragement to our children, kind words, a safe and nurturing environment to learn the life skill of swimming, and gives each member the joy of accomplishment in the small, but mighty, milestones of life. Support the Cherokee Swim Team in June.

May you continue to see God’s blessings every day, and make a DIFFERENCE!

Nicci Lundquist, Owner

The Mother Hen