Making a DIFFERENCE every day

The Mother Hen...where there is a little something for everyone. Mother Teresa said it best when she stated, “alone I cannot change the world, but I can make a RIPPLE EFFECT. A Ripple is exactly what The Mother Hen does daily. And my prayer is that God uses my small impact on the world, to challenge another to make an impact as well.

Unique items are available for purchase… Iowa made foods, Iowa antiques, Iowa hand-made crafts, worldly treasures through Fair Trade, and custom framing. Each of the purchases then is paid forward with 10% of every sale going to a local community event, or organization.

“LIFE IS GOOD”, has been a common quote for me at Sunrise, through my 40 plus years, as it reminds me that no matter our stresses in life, no matter our difficulties, no matter our battles…our time on this EARTH is a gift and we should always be THANKFUL… as LIFE IS GOOD!

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people over the past 6 months, from vendors, to customers, to other antique professionals, and some VERY talented artists in our area. Blessings are many, and I am very THANKFUL for each of them in my life. Many have become friends, I never would have met until this journey.

As July 4th, Independence Day, approaches, may we become very aware of all that the United States of America has to offer each of us. If you can dream it, it can be! People living in other countries can not state this so boldly. Celebrate our Independence with friends, family, and our fellow citizens. Enjoy the Holiday, and stop in sometime to see all that The Mother Hen has to offer.