Helping Others through the Local Food Pantry

As the fall harvest comes to an end for most IOWA farmers, let us remember to share that which God has so graciously given to us. May all people know and feel his GRACE this Thanksgiving.

Help feed people in need this November.

We will be giving to the local food pantry this month so please remember: The Mother Hen is a place where there is a little something for everyone, and EVERY purchase has a BIGGER purpose…as we give to our local charities each month.

Local food banks and pantries are a great place to turn to for free food, groceries, and other forms of non-financial support. Millions of individuals and families are struggling with feeding their families on a consistent basis. While maybe in some months most people are fine, there can be other periods of time due to an unexpected bill or reduction in income that can make it more challenging. In an emergency, a free food pantry may be able to help.

Many low to moderate income families also struggle to keep food on their tables. Tens of millions of people receive some type of food assistance from these centers every year. The agencies help feed the working poor, families living in poverty, as well as even moderate income households.

Never hesitate to ask or stop by a location as the goal is to reduce or prevent hunger.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Nicci Lundquist